Department Members

 Listed below are the names and ranks of members registered with the A.F. Dobler Hose & Ladder Co. for the 2018 service year.

Active Line Officers

Chief 540:
Gadley, Jeff
Deputy Chief 541:
Watkins, Alan
Assistant Chief 550:
        Captain: Adams, Mike
Lieutenant 1:
James, Brian
Lieutenant 2:
Meyer, Rick
Lieutenant 3:
Roney, Steve
EMS Lieutenant:
Fire Police Captain:
Orr, Robert "Doc"
Fire Police Lieutenant:
Safety Officer 1:
Vargulich, Tim
Safety Officer 2:
Hyde, Fred


Social Officers

Hyde, Kim
Vice President:
Meyer, Rick
        Treasurer: Schultz, Mark
        Secretary: Meyer, Crystal


Active Members

Adams, Mike
Adams, Tyler
Boyer, Scott
Cornell, Shawn
Diehl, Lindsey
Diehl, Lonny
Gadley, Jeff
Hupp, Dave
Hyde, Fred
Hyde, Kim
James, Brian
Kauffman, Chuck
Kauffman, Sandra
Kinney, Tory
Koech, Jordan
Maloney, Noah
Maloney, Will
Meyer, Dakota
Meyer, Rick
Orr, Robert (Doc)
Poland, Kaela
Roney, Steve
Schultz, Mark
Schultz, Branden
Vargulich, Tim
Watkins, Alan

*Probationary Member


Social Members

Boderocco, Bruce
Cashdollar, Chris
Cashdollar, Miranda
Daisley, John
Edwards, Zachary
Felmlee, Danyle
Ford, Ryan
Gadley, Dave
Gillespie, Sara
Hirsch, Gina
Hirsch, Matt
Hitzges, Mike
King, Dan
Linsted, Ashlee
Meyer, Crystal
Miller, Jeannie
Miller, Jerry
Mitcho, Gregg
Schultz, Roger
Vasilik, Andy
Wintemute, Ron


Junior Members


Lifetime Members

Andrews, Dave
Ball, Jay
Black, Richard
Boderocco, Bruce
Diehl, Lonny
Feisler, Nelson
Gadley, Jeff
Gadley, Mark (Robert)
Giacobello, Nick
Gougling, Doug
Hannah, Louis (Snapper)
Hughes, Lewis
Hupp, Dave
Hyde, Fred
Krieder, Dave
Meyer, Rick
Orr, Robert (Doc)
Paris, Thomas
Powell, Bill
Schultz, Eric
Schultz, Mark
Schultz, Richard
Schultz, Roger
Simkovitch, Andy
Steinle, Garry
Terribery, George
Vargulich, Tim
Vasilik, Andy
Ward, Robert
Wintemute, Ron


Honorary Members

Edder, Dan
Gresh, Tom
Homanski, Matt
Steadman, James R. ESQ
Our Address:
A.F. Dobler Hose & Ladder Co.
37 Walnut St.
Girard, PA, USA 16417
Contact Us:
Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency Dispatch: (814)-868-7911
Non-Emergency Station: (814)-774-8218

Incident History

Total Incidents:
2017: 454
2016: 853

2015: 849
2014: 852
2013: 856
2012: 762
2011: 713

Website Information

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